“This workshop is necessary for all women!!!” …Kathy

“DASH.  You get one.  Live! Women. Nature. Honesty. Tears. Crayons.  Chocolate!!” …Erin

“Empowering!” …Nancy

“The nature exercise was enlightening.  It is my anchor to move forward.” …Kathleen

“This class gives you real life tools to use outside the conference.” …Jen

“The bullying voices exercise showed me it is not enough to forgive someone.  I also have to replace the lie absorbed from the past with God’s truth about me.” …Jenny

“I have been a therapist for many years and often forget to take care of myself.  This was a fabulous day and gave even this old dog some new tricks.” …Sandra

“An inspirational and rejuvenating experience that all women can benefit from.” …April

“Feeling emotionally awake and re-energized.” …Liz

“What a gift to be able to spend the day learning to b comfortable with who I am and appreciate how God designed me!”…Jeanne

“Real life tools to help me work through the things that hold me back from making the most out of this life that God has planned for me!”…Joy

“Knowledgeable, smart and life changing all in one day.”…Jen

“Everyone wears an invisible sign that says ‘make me feel special’.  This conference certainly did that.”

“An inspiring and fulfilling event.” …Beth

“The DASH conference allowed me to reconnect with my unique self.” …Nadine