What is Dash?
We believe every woman has a unique and amazing design, created by God.  We also believe God has a lot to say about how to create change in our lives.  The Dash Conference will give women one fun and exciting day, to invest in living the best life possible, utilizing a creative collection of counseling, coaching, and playful exercises.

After reflecting back on the last decade of counseling they have provided to women, Margo and Shawna decided to create Dash.  They began to notice common patterns amongst the women with whom they have lovingly journeyed.  These patterns, which are unique to the feminine soul, tend to prevent us from living out the best life possible.   This conference is a collection of experiences which we believe will help every woman live a more meaningful and intentional life.

Simply put…we believe, as women, we tend to travel down roads that are motivated by “voices” that are often inaccurate.  We call this the  “inner script.”  After we revise this inner dialogue, we are able to be much more aligned with God’s unique intention and plan for our lives.

What is the Dash experience like?
We intend to create a day filled with experiences that might be described as – Inspirational.  Creative. Joyful.  Deep.  Fun.  Informative.  Edgy.  Thought-provoking.  Surprising.  Soulful.  Artistic.  Colorful.  Uncontained.  Expansive.  Just plain awesome!

Of course the experience will be different for every woman, but we can say it is one full day of soul-drenched-get-your-hands-dirty creative experiences fueled by two presenters and our attendees.

Plan for thought-provoking talks, creative projects designed to expand your insight, laugh and cry with your sisterhood and even breathe in some nature.   Oh, and maybe dancing.  Every good day needs some dancing.

What will I get by attending?
This is a fabulous question!  Dash is about investing in yourself.  What you get from it is completely up to you.

What kind of women attend Dash?
Well, we wouldn’t dare try to put our gender in a box but we have noticed some themes that we have in common.

Curious - we love learning, asking questions and pursuing growth
We have an ache - we know we need to make a change in our life…its a good ache
Amazing - seriously.